What Necklaces Are In Style 2018?

Every year, trends in jewelry tend to change. Lots of innovations are done and unique pieces are getting more popular lately, making necklace-lovers celebrate. Many people look into the trends for jewelry, especially handmade necklaces since these pieces are one way to wear your own style and personality. For the year 2018, many fashionable materials are used for the trendy necklaces, including large pearls and rhinestones. Aside from these, there are also more items which are commonly used by many during the year, like chokers, collars, and even those necklaces in pastel-colors. The combinations are endless, but here are some examples of the styles that are popular for 2018.

Huge Chains and a pendant

Necklaces likened to huge chains have seriously become a fashion hit, especially with its attention-grabbing large pendant. Its pendant can be made up of raw stones. This item which is fit for fashionistas who are into crazy-styles has been used by lots of people for this year and has always been present in fashion shows and events. The chains can also be embellished with pretty pearls if you are not into chains that look literally like it. These pearl chains give off the romantic vibe and its pendant can also be any regular-sized gemstone, enough to be the center of attraction.

Jewelry Collars

These massive type of a necklace aims to get all the attention. The technique in using this one is to have it in a different color from your clothes. It looks absolutely great with thin blouses, shirts, and light dresses. Collars made of leather or made up of beads can also be great combinations.


Among all the types of necklaces listed here, this will probably be the most celebrated of them all. You’ll absolutely see chokers being worn by probably every other girl out there. Chokers may look like it fits exactly over the neck but it shouldn’t cause discomfort and should go well with your clothes, but unfortunately, not everyone will suit this type of jewelry. The most popular design is the thin black ribbon which gives off a romantic feel to the one wearing, which can be used for daily outfits.

Knitted Necklaces

One word for this kind of necklace: CLASSIC. This type of jewelry is perfect for those with impeccable taste in fashion, as not everyone can easily pull off wearing one. It creates the right mixture of chic and sensuality, likened to that of a nymph. Knitted necklaces are usually made in a way that they recreate an illusion of diamonds on it.

Minerals and Precious Stones

Necklaces with precious stones and other minerals have always been on the trend list but this year, they are worn in another way — in large slices. With that, you’ll see necklaces with intricate cuts of gemstones, crystals, and other minerals on it. The stones used for this type of necklace usually are unprocessed, to go well with the concept of “natural beauty”.

To sum up 2018’s trendy necklaces, it would be unusual, colorful, yet extravagant. People are now more into experimentation of different pieces and are not just sticking to the plain and usual basics. As the year comes to an end, a new set of trends will be emerging. How many of these trendy necklaces have you ever tried this year?

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