Top 10 Sterling Silver Rings Designs

If you’re looking for something meaningful to give to your special someone, one of the first few things that would come to mind is rings. These tiny bands are really memorable and make one feel loved and important, which is why it is definitely one of the go-to of the ones who want to give gifts. There absolutely a lot of ring types and designs that one can choose from, so in this article, we’ll be giving an idea about one of the more popular ones — Sterling Silver.
You can never go wrong with Sterling Silver rings. It is just the right amount of sophistication and elegance, without really sacrificing your budget for the cost. It is one of the more affordable types but its beauty is, all the same, it would just all boil down to the design. In line with this thought, here are the top 10 most sought-after designs for Sterling Silver rings.

Solitaire Rings

This ring design is the best way to show off that you’re wearing one since it makes that big and beautiful stone stand out on its own right. For diamonds and gemstones, you can look for a four prong setting so that the impact on the stone will be more noticeable. Imagine all that spark and glamour of one single stone, shouting its elegance and beauty for everyone to notice.

Halo Rings

These pretty kinds of rings are always popular, particularly for those who are bound to tie the knot. It has been well-used for years now and it is still living up to its fame since a lot would still opt for this kind of ring. It’s the perfect design to use when you want to emphasize a small diamond or gemstone.

Ornate Bands

This type of ring would be perfect for those who are more into aesthetically-pleasing designs and the centerpiece comes second. It looks vintage and can even go into levels of bohemian or artisan, which is absolutely new in terms of ring styles.


Just like with other ring designs with open settings, Over Under rings would really do great in showing off beautiful stones. This type of ring would be the perfect choice for someone who is more into modern styles.


Nothing looks more regal and vintage than a Marquise ring. Timeless, distinctive, and undeniably unique, this type of ring usually boasts of its regal shape. Other stones can also be used in the cut, with their placements are usually done in a modern and versatile way.

Rose Gold-Plated

Sterling silver rings plated with Rose Gold undertones will never go out of style. Its pinkish undertones bring in the romantic feel while the sterling silver shows off the cool and chic style. Elegant but understated, this type would definitely be a good choice, too.

With Colored Stones

Sterling Silver rings with colored stones are the best way to scream creativity while staying classy. Lots of gemstones can be used for this, and whatever suits your taste can still go well with any sterling silver. Talk about simplicity and beauty.

Princess Cuts

This design just screams ‘classic’. When you get your sterling silver ring into this type, it will tend to be affordable and simple. Although it seems low-key, it can still add impact, especially when paired with pave bands or baguettes.


Glamourous and vintage, this type of design is perfect for those who want to opt for modern and classic at the same time. Accent stones can be added, which will make this design a bit pricey, but it will definitely be a sight to behold.

Modern Cuts

Modern cuts can usually be anything with the simple and minimalist design but with great visuals, at the same time. People looking for designs can even go and have their own design used for their rings.

A person’s personality, lifestyle, and preferences will always be a factor in choosing which type of ring would be perfect for him/her. These rings listed above are just examples of the more popular types.

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