Popular Types of Gemstone on Silver Jewelry

As expected from major industries, the price of the gemstone is influenced profoundly by supply and demand. It is the focal point of the high jewelry pieces. Thus, many people find shopping for handmade silver jewelry with gemstones is necessary.

A gemstone is a chunk of mineral or organic rock material used for making pieces of jewelry and accessories. The elements like Jet or amber and the rocks like lapis lazuli is also used to create gemstones. Top of the most critical considerations in buying gemstones is the value. Hence, rare gems carry a high price tag. However, there are favorite gems that will match your personality and create a unique fashion wardrobe while showing your character.

Below are the popular types of gemstone in silver jewelry.

1. Pearl

In the history of the human, people admire and even worship the precious pearls. It is very famous because of its uniqueness, and it is the only gemstone created within a living creature. Since natural gems are rare and hard to recover from the depths of the oceans, the man invented a technique by culturing salt and freshwater pearls out of mollusks carefully seeded with irritants that are the same with those produced by nature. Now, the result of the cultured pearls vary in many beautiful colors from pale cream and white, and there are other colors such as rose, green, gold, lilac, black, and gray.
Nowadays, pearls are both classic and contemporary like a timeless white strand of pearls and chocolate pearls of a bracelet is modern. Regardless of its color, pearl gem in silver jewelry is proven to compliment the everyday outfit or formal attire. In Persian myth, pearls are called ‘the tears of gods’ while Chinese legend claims that the moon holds power to create the precious gems while instilling celestial glow and mystery.

2. Diamond

The diamond is an object of desire of many people. There is no wonder why it has a high price. It is the hardest gemstone of all, rare and beautiful. It was beneath the surface of the Earth over a million years ago when created. There is a long history based on the folklore regarding the origin of diamonds, and one of which is that when the bolts of lightning struck the rocks, diamonds were created. For many centuries, men and women adored diamonds up to this day further and known as the ultimate gift and a symbol of everlasting love.

3. Sapphire

The variety of the mineral corundum with a prism of various colors is famous on silver jewelry. The Blue Sapphire is the best known but silver sapphires have captivating qualities that make it unique.  It has a high silver sheen and bright body color. It is one of the so-called ‘must-have’ collections because its presence lends to a sanity appearance to the stone. The silk of the jewel let the light play across the gem’s surface to have a captivating glow. Many people use this in comparison to the effects viewed in feldspars such as moonstone and labradorite.

4. Alexandrite

Known as the color-change gym, Alexandrite is perfect if you love magic. Within the lamplight, it shows a red gem and a warm tone of raspberry, while outside daylight, it looks cool and bluish mossy green.  Switch the light from fluorescent to incandescent to see color flick back. It is functional to note that the value of the gemstone strengthens the change of color of the jewelry, and becomes more distinct. It is the spectacular colors of this fantastic gem that gives a magnificent look and mysterious magic ascribed to the precious treasure. In fact, it also has significant benefits such as aiding creativity, strengthen intuition, and most of all inspire imagination.

5. Emerald

According to Indian myths, the name emerald when first translated in Sanskrit as Makara; it means ‘the green growing things.’ The green color of emerald is elegant. It is a color of spring that symbolizes love and rebirth and also known to aid fertility. Emerald is famous because of the vivid green color that makes it a valuable gemstone. Emeralds are among the rarest gems. It exhibits an intense bluish hue. It has been the fascination of many people from the different culture for more than six thousand years. In fact, the famous tempestuous female monarch of Egypt, Queen Cleopatra wore Emeralds during her existence.

6. Jade

Wearing a stunning piece of jade in silver jewelry is anybody’s envy. Jade is well-known for its vivid green color and smooth, shimmy shapes. However, it also comes in various colors such as pink, lavender, white, and yellow. The most common form of jade is flat and donut-shaped disc, and most popularly used for the necklace. Since 2950 B.C, the precious stone has been treasured in China as a royal gemstone. Using jade in silver jewelry is thought to preserve the body after death. Hence, it is found in the emperors’ tombs from several thousand years ago. Nowadays, many people still believe that jade protects them from any harm.

7.  Amethyst

One of the few gemstones with unique purple color is amethyst. It is a form of quartz with iron and mineral structure. Amethyst is one of the famous gems in silver jewelry and is believed to have meditative and calming properties that work in the emotional, spiritual and physical planes. It is one of the most highly prized stones in the world up to now. Since this gem has different sizes and shapes, it becomes more affordable and notable for its fabulous look in silver jewelry, sure enough, to enhance every color of any wardrobe.
Get pieces silver jewelry with a gemstone that will match every outfit to match your style and accentuate your fashionable wardrobe.

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