How to Stack Silver Bracelets?

Fashion is alive and continuously evolving. A recent trend is developed to upgrade outfits and styles. Now, it becomes trendy and transforms bracelets through rejuvenating the practice of wearing stacked accessories. Through the gorgeous and vibrant combination of bracelets, many women practice bracelet stacking.

Women love fashion, and they do not stop intermingling metals. They explore the possibilities of making a unique look and in their best way. Bracelets are accessories that are symbolic and decorative. It represents special moments in their life and adds color and style to their outfit. Silver bracelets can be worn suitable for different occasions such as evening outings, parties and other special moments that undoubtedly affect the appearance of the person. It is bright and shiny that adds up to the beauty of any woman wearing it.

Bracelets that are stacked are not just one type of bracelet. It involves the combination of multiple bracelets that leverages several various types on one wrist in a stacked fashion. Wearing this style does an individual experiment with different textures and colors defined by dynamism and whims.

Follow the guidelines below in stacking silver bracelets.

1. Select the best bracelets to use for stacking.

To create a perfect combination of bracelet stacking, choose from silver bangles, charm bracelets, in-line bracelet, silver cuffs, magnetic bracelets, statements bracelets and beaded bracelets.

The following are the types of silver bracelets used in stacking.

A. Silver Bangles are solid and circular, and one piece will just slip over the hand. There are bangles that allow the wearer to snap it on the wrist and it can form an array of materials.

B. In-line bracelets comprised a series of linked gems. It made of precious metal that features diamonds or other gemstones.

C. Charm bracelets are chains. More often, it is symbolic with charms attached. Many women select and assemble charms for charms bracelets. Several charm bracelets can be worn but typically stacked with other bracelet types.

D. Silver Cuffs are metal bracelets that fit slightly tight to the wrist have a narrow opening in which the wrist will be inserted. Since it is usually about five centimeters wide, it is perfect for creating volumes of stacked bracelets.

E. Magnetic bracelets are believed to be both therapeutic and aesthetic. It comes in an array of metals that leverage magnets at the clasp. Thus, making it easy to slip on and off.

F. Beaded bracelets formed from series of beads linked to form a circular shape but it can be from precious stones.

G.Statement bracelets are large ornate pieces that have a standing look. It features a large size and bold silver and decorations. It is stacked to create a point of focus.

2. Create Contrast and Dynamics.

After deciding what type of silver bracelets to use in stacking, create a stacking that shows a contrasting and dynamism. To achieve this goal, pay attention to the size and texture of each o the bracelet to use. Say, wear a large metal bangle with sharp angles, besides it is a small beaded pearl bracelet. On the other hand, create contrast through its texture. One of the best things in stacking is experimenting so try out and see what looks best.

3. Control the noise factor of silver bracelets in stacking.

It is undeniable that jingle and jangle can be created after wearing combinations of silver bracelets which can cause distractions. In this situation, close-fitting bracelets can be worn with different silver bracelets to minimize hanging.

4. Professionally use stacked bracelets.

Make sure that the combination of bracelets looks professional. Controlling the size of each of the silver bracelet piece can help the stacked bracelets look good and not too over. Stick to a handful of thin and also close-fitting bracelets and small bangles. Also, consider using a beautiful silver watch to stack with few narrow cuffs.

5. Work with bracelets in the same color family.

Experimenting with bracelets in the same color family gives a more reserve feel wearing stacked bracelets because of its more refined look.

6. Utilize color as an accent.

In stacking bracelets, silver is a significant advantage because of its neutral color. A series of metal bangles and chain bracelets can be a right combination added by other silver bracelets with beads or precious stones.

Bracelet stacking is one of the fantastic trends nowadays that gives dynamism. It is a unique style of creating a combination of accessories to match everyday’s outfit and unexceptional fashion found only in the wearer.

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